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Advanced Networking Workshops: Effective Business and Personal Skills to Meet Anyone   Read More  by Cesar Plata, Various Dates and Locations, San Jose

I enjoyed the seminar so much as I learned how I could improve. You have some great suggestions that are practical and I left feeling I could do it. Thanks again. I am paying it forward!  - Antoinette Warren

I want to thank you for giving us invaluable tips on how to effectively network with people. I feel lucky to be able to attend your workshop, which is one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I get more ideas about networking because you brought up a lot of good practical examples during the workshop. I really like how you mentioned about the mistakes that people usually make during networking. My confidence level is definitely the aspect that I need to improve the most. Hopefully, by practicing I can improve my communication skills as well as enhancing my confidence level at the same time. Thank you once again for the positive energy and the empowerment you radiated throughout the entire workshop. - Lilyana Chandra

Thank you for hosting the everyCircle
Networking 101 Workshop last night. It was very informative and I got a lot out of it. Sometimes we look at the fundamentals and say, “that’s Networking 101, I know that” when what we should be asking is, “that’s Networking 101, how good am I at that?” - Michael McClure, Ad Art Sign Company

I was present in yesterdays (06.18.2013) Networking 101 event and I must say it was an amazing experience. You did an amazing job. I got really good insight about my networking style and 30 sec elevator pitch. I will work on them and will improve in future. I would surely apply the principles, you told me and I will improve my elevator pitch according to your positive criticisms. - Shaunak Deo, IT Consultant

It was great meeting you last night! I just wanted to thank you for your time, energy and information. For as long as I've been around, I'm amazed with how much more I can always learn. I especially appreciate how passionate you are about what you do, and how well you express yourself. If there are any opportunities to refer you and your consulting, I will let you know.
- Rob Ways, Vice President, Comerica Bank

I can't express enough how valuable that workshop was. I realized i had been doing many of the good things but also many of the bad. Now that I am aware of what needs changing I am on mission to correct it all before my next event... - Miguel Chapeton, Palo Alto Guide, Bonobos.com

You are a wonderful host and I definitely learned a lot from the workshop. I totally agree with your philosophy when it comes to networking because most of the time a lot of people (which including myself and that’s why I was at the workshop) forgot about the fact that “it’s not about them, it’s about the others”. I am definitely taking this approach when I meet new people moving forward because I know it will help me in the long run. Thanks for hosting all these wonderful events. I am looking forward to seeing you at future events to expand my businesses and build meaningful relationships with new people as well. - Kenny Lau, Premier Banker, East West Bank

Just wanted to follow-up and thank you for a productive and enjoyable evening. Chris and I both appreciated your philosophy, strategy, and tactics about networking. Your tips on what to say were very helpful to me. I wish you continued success in your business community building here in the Bay Area. - Julia Arellano Sullivan, ProsperoLeadership.com

Cesar, I know you're a busy guy but I just wanted to thank you for the energetic workshop you gave tonight. I learned about tips for working an event and tips for running an event. - Robert Sharrock, Notary Signing Agent

Feb 21, 2013 - East Bay Business & Tech Mixer, DeVry University, Fremont
 I have attended many networking events over the past few years but none of them compare to the one I attended at De Vry University sponsored by everyCircle. Everything from the energy level, to the quality of people was fantastic.  I made real connections and not just a pocketfull of business cards. This being my first event from everyCircle I wasn’t sure what to expect but these will now be the premier events that I will clear my schedule to attend. - Mark Lamm – Professional Sales Trainer / Consultant, www.SalesInTheBank.com
Dec 6, 2012 - Silicon Valley Holiday Business & Tech Mixer, Beshoff MotorCars
Mike HowardThank you very much for sharing the vision of your business with me. I must admit that I am quite impressed with the amount of people whose lives you touch, from your workers, to your clients, to the businesses you bless with your excellent networking values. - Mike Howard, Merchant Services Advocate, AdvoPayment

Nov 15, 2012 - Mid-Peninsula Business & Tech Mixer, GoKart Racer
Kevin LongaIt's that time of the season where I assess all of the people I've met and worked with over the past year and recognize the truly great people I'm Thankful for.  You are definitely a part of this group. You set a wonderful example and foundation for me as I start my career, and I'm very Thankful for that.  Kevin Longa kevinlonga.com

Aug 16, 2012 - East Bay Business Mixer, Kimball's Carnival
Marcia BarahonaFantastic event last night!  Wonderful event, Cesar - the two friends who met me there also loved it! Thanks! Thanks also for the direct introductions; a friend of mine is an ergonomic specialist and we discussed ways for the three of us to work together. I met several other people who were great conversationalists and with a wide range of occupations. Very cool. See you at an upcoming event! PS--Loved Barack Obama's presence there too; how fun! - Marcia Barahona, Multilingual marketing strategist and communications expert

This was ThePineAppleHouse Gourmet Specialty Desserts' first mixer. We really had a great time, made a lot of wonderful people, great first experience for us. Looking forward to the next  event..Thank you for having us. - Tesha Wallace, Romero Laster, ThePineAppleHouse Gourmet Specialty Desserts, http://thepineapplehouse.biz

Hi Everyone! It's been quite awhile since we last connected, hasn't it? Life has evolved tremendously, and I was looking for ways to reconnect. On Thursday August 16th in Oakland there will be a big gathering of East Bay business owners, with main host Cesar Plata of everyCircle.com (you may remember him from InfoBayArea). It's a great gathering designed to connect business owners. If you've ever been to one of Cesar's events, you know that it's not a superficial networking evening -- it's actually a time when you are encouraged to be real in sharing about your business, Baylan Meginoand to make connections that count. Let's get together on Thursday and touch base. I'd like to know what you're up to these days! So whether you are planning end-of-year activity, strategizing for 2013, have expertise or a service to offer, a book or creative piece or product to share, or just need to get away from the office/computer and hang out with others who are also making it happen in the world, come down and connect. Who knows - you may meet a new client or two... Or bring someone along who also can benefit! No hard sell here -- Just show up. I'd like to see you again! Here's the link for more information: http://bit.ly/everycircle0816  - Baylan Megino, White Light Associates and WLA Global, Helping You Get Your Message Out to the World

Jul 16, 2012 - Networking 101 Workshop
Kenny Lau "You are a wonderful host and I definitely learned a lot from the workshop. I totally agree with your philosophy when it comes to networking because most of the time a lot of people (which including myself and that’s why I was at the workshop) forgot about the fact that “it’s not about them, it’s about the others”. I am definitely taking this approach when I meet new people moving forward because I know it will help me in the long run. Thanks for hosting all these wonderful events. I am looking forward to seeing you at future events to expand my businesses and build meaningful relationships with new people as well. - Kenny Lau, Premier Banker, East West Bank

Apr 24, 2012
"Cesar is great. He is a light in the darkness and a reminder that as a business owner, you are not alone. There are people out there like Cesar that genuinely care about your success. Attend one of his mixers and meet the man. You will be amazed by his passion and commitment to helping small business owners succeed. No one is more generous, compassionate and fun than Cesar Plata. Also extremely well connected." - Matthew Stark, Stark Marketing, Web Design, Internet Marketing

Mar 19, 2012, SF Waterfront Business/Tech Mixer, Sinbad's Pier 2 Restaurant
Ed Diaz"Cesar is the consummate networker and connector. Everyone knows Cesar and he is one of the most connected professionals I know. Additionally, he is a guy who finds great joy in connecting people with no strings attached. He is the "pay it forward" person who understands the true value of helping others to create community and unity among great people of integrity & impact. I highly recommend you attend his events to see for yourself the powerful impact EveryCircle has and then unite yourself to Cesar long term." - Ed Diaz, Mortage Advisor, Opes Advisors, LinkedIn Profile

"Cesar, I came with Al Paparelli and honestly, I have been to literally thousands of mixers, and you, by far, are host with the most!!!!  I met more people that I needed to meet and would not have met had I not attended.  Your staff was efficient, the location was awesome, and you were honestly wonderful.  Keep up the good work!!!" - Sharon Andreini, Capital Cash

 "Cesar, I wanted to thank and commend you for your successful networking event at Sinbad's last night.  It was the most useful and successful event I have attended in a very long time. I look forward to attending more." - Casey Curry, Expansion Solutions Consulting LLC

"Hi Cesar, just wanted to thank you for the great mixer on Thursday. I definitely met some fabulous people, and rather than a zillion business cards back and forth, I had 6 deep,  genuine, connecting conversations with people who I hope will be a part of my life going forward. That is a far greater outcome. :-)
Looking forward to the next SF event. all is one" - Ian Blei, Author, optimized-results.com

"Cesar, the event was great. I made some great contacts and the vibe and spirit of the event was awesome. I look forward to your future events and remaining in your network. Love the business model and see how it could help me. look forward to using your services." O. Gordon

 "I wanted to say thank you for such a great event. I was greeted by courteous and helpful event assistants. I did indeed meet a lot of people and handed out all my buisness cards! I did not find a co-founder for Layover Adventure, but I did make some great connections. I am sure I will find someone to start my venture with soon. I wanted to thank you once again for extending a personal warm welcome to a visitor from London!" - Ekua Boateng, Layover Adventure

Mar 15, 2012 East Bay Business/Tech Mixer, Oakland Aviation Museum
 "Hi Cesar, Just wanted to personally thank for the wonderful opportunity you gave us last Thursday. We had a great time.  With the bad whether, I decided to add Chicken gumbo to my menu that also included Creole-Seasoned Chicken Wings, Chicken bites, Fresh Salad with our homemade Italian dressing as well as Screamin' mac & cheese and our popular deviled eggs.  Everyone we met were so nice and very complimentary about our food.  Some came back to the table two, three and a few, up to four times throughout the evening.  :0)  The fact is, we stayed so busy, that we literally did not get a free minute until the fashion show  started.  I didn't even get to visit any of the other vendors.  Hopefully, next time. We genuinely have a great appreciation for what you do Cesar.  You have an innate gift and I love how you handle your events and definitely look forward to participating in many more.  So I will take at look at what's coming up and be back in contact with you, real soon.  Thanks again." - Carolyn's Creole Kitchen, 510 464-2929, Preferred Caterer for the Black Expo Sep. 7-9, 2012, Proud 2nd Place Winner of the Retail Star Contest 2011, www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Carolyns-Creole-Kitchen/270381082977551

Mar 12, 2012 Networking 101 Workshop
"Just wanted to follow-up and thank you for a productive and enjoyable evening. Chris and I both appreciated your philosophy, strategy, and tactics about networking. Your tips on what to say were very helpful to me. I wish you continued success in your business community building here in the Bay Area."
- Julia Arellano Sullivan, ProsperoLeadership.com

"Cesar, I know you're a busy guy but I just wanted to thank you for the energetic workshop you gave tonight. I learned about tips for working an event and tips for running an event."  - Robert Sharrock, Notary Signing Agent

"...But recently I was reminded of one of the primary reasons for my success.  I attended the February 16th Silicon Valley POWER Business / Technology Mixer held by everyCircle.com and met Cesar Plata, Founder of everyCircle.  I’ve attended countless networking events, but never seen a host generate the kind of enthusiasm and attitude-changing mindset in an audience that Cesar does.  He really got me (and I think the majority of attendees) to focus on the future possibilities rather than what the person in front of them can do for them today.  His philosophy is all about how “Paying It Forward” and genuinely trying to help your fellow networkers connect with others will repay your efforts many times over.  Read the BusinessNetworking101 page http://www.everycircle.com/en/home/media/articles/businessNetworking101  there: The most seasoned networker and/or recruiter will find something of value.  If you want to experience an excellent Tech Mixer event at the Oakland Aviation Museum on the 15th in person, visit this link to register http://2012mar15eastbay-billbarnes.eventbrite.com Personally I find the VIP Pass the best value, but I would never have gotten one if I hadn’t first attended an event in person.  Aside from the networking and the enthusiasm, the venues are interesting and the food alone – all tasty gourmet fare from top area restaurants – is worth the price of admission (food is included).  Where else can you get a gourmet meal for $10? ...Which brings me directly to the title of this post:  How “Paying it Forward” can help you build a candidate pipeline.  I cannot count the number of times I freely gave advice, referrals, feedback and other forms of help to consultants and hiring managers – all of whom were clear about the fact that they were not going to use my agency for the topic they were asking about.  They just wanted to pick my brain regarding the going rates/salaries or the availability of a certain skill set.  I also cannot count how many times I had those same people in turn sent referrals my way: referrals that resulted in many, many thousands of dollars in new revenue for me. ...All because of one single thing, which is at the core of all of Cesar’s networking advice and at the core of this post:  I was genuinely focused on and interested in helping the candidate or client I was networking with."
- The Smoking Recruiter Blog, Brutally Honest, Occasionally  Whimsical Recruiting Commentary by Bill Barnes

Feb 28, 2012 Conversation on Networking, Paying It Forward - Connector Extraordinaire
 "The name and image that came to me during our conversation yesterday... Disclaimer…this picture / image is for illustration / thought provoking discussion only….not meant to be a Mana recommendation…yet.  PS. This is from an 'atomic' reference…since you are a catalyst for getting, bringing, attracting and putting different people (atoms of energy) together…without being used up in the 'reation' / process…and you maintain an atomic level of contacts to draw from to make your 'connector magic' happen" : -)
- Aloha, WavenDean Fernandes, Director Business Development, www.tesser.com Big Picture Branding   

Feb 16, 2012, Silicon Valley POWER Business / Tech Mixer - Corinthian Grand Ballroom, San Jose Athletic Club
Bill Barnes"Great meeting you; I’ve never seen anyone generate the kind of enthusiasm in an audience that you did.  You really got me (and I think the majority of attendees) to focus on the future possibilities rather than what the person in front of them can do for them tonight."
- Bill Barnes, Sr. Technical Recruiter, Staffing Professional

 "Kudos to you for reaching out and forwarding to those you know. I always tell people that your events are great and people should connect with you to brand awareness for what they do."  
- Carol Smith, www.biz2bizservices.com

 "I just wanted to let you know that the event at the San Jose Athletic Club last week was fantastic. REAL  PEOPLE attended and I had a great time. I will be in touch and attending many of your events going forward. And above all, THANK YOU CESAR, for introducing me to people. I will be calling the folks you noted for me on your website and let you know how that goes."
- Raymond Cote, Senior Vice President / Business Development, Focus Business Bank

Jan 1, 2012 Conversations on Entrepreneurism
"Cesar, It was a great insight to talk to you the last couple days before the new year starting. There is much to be said to finding good people as yourself to keep things in perspective. Recently, I've asked myself the same questions you proposed to me. The answers are not here yet, but I it was refreshing to know your insight and questioning me on my plans and further endeavors. So far, I've done the same to others but have not fully addressed them myself. Your observation and point of view on my person was also helpful as not too many close friends or colleagues would ever or do share such vital and direct feedback. So, I thank you for all that you have suggested, as I value your experience in all that you shared. Once again, I appreciate the time and effort on sharing your thoughts and experiences. Again thanks for your openness in making clarification/explaining your point of view. You are a very strong and passionate man about life and I'm sure things will change positively in your life. Keep your boyish smile and your spirit as it's perfect just the way it is.  So a toast to you on this New Year and looking forward to seeing you more successful in years to come." - my friend Shirley

Dec 8, 2011, Silicon Valley Holiday Business / Technology Mixer - Irish Innovation Center, San Jose
 "If you were not at the Irish Innovation Center Thursday night on December 8, you were no where, because Cesar Plata did it again.  What a spectacular networking event in downtown San Jose.  The event was beautifully orchestrated with exhibitors, caterer's, entertainment and several hundred attendees. I tip my hat to you, Cesar, let's keep it going in 2012." - Derek Schneider, Investment Specialist, Bay Area Equity Group

"Tonight in San Jose @ The Irish Innovation Center, our wonderful collaborative friend Cesar Plata, threw another great everyCircle Event!!! Everyone had a nice time catching up with some great people we have known for a while, and even meeting some amazing new people as well! Thanks again to Cesar for your hard  work and dedication to making another event such a great success! Thanks also go out to everyone that attended! Don't miss any future everyCircle events as you will always meet new like-minded business professionals that will help you move your business forward!" - Elias Melas, Professional Insurance Associates

 "Last night the Networking and Community Builder Group had an amazing time  Networking at the everyCircle Networking Event in San Jose. Thanks to my friend and the Networking GURU Cesar Plata for sharing valuable tips with our group. to learn more about our program visit www.networkingmba.eventbrite.com"
- Sahar Kordahi, AwakenToTheDawn.com

“What an awesome event on Dec 8th at the Irish Innovation Center! I am still following up with all the amazing people I met last week. As always, thank you, Cesar, for being such an amazing human being and helping so many along your path!  For those of you who missed the event be sure to check out the calendar of events on the “everyCircle” website and bring tons of business cards!” - Andrea White, Account Executive, WiLine Networks

Oct 24-29, 2011, Vote for Cesar Plata for SF Bay Area Best Business Connector
 NEWS - everyCircle.com won the award SF Bay Area's Best Business Connector at the 11/11/11 US Small Business Conference & Expo. Although we prefer to collaborate than compete with others (it’s all about sharing and paying it forward), this honor will allow everyCircle.com to get more exposure, which in turn will help us reach out to, and help more Bay Area businesses grow. We are truly grateful to all who voted - Thank you!

"Hello Fellow Professionals and friends, Thank you all for taking the time to fill out this quick voting ballot for Cesar. For (literally) two generations now, Cesar Plata has connected more businesses and professionals than any other single (now multiple) entity (that I know of) in the area. He has continued to work very hard, and has selflessly given so much back to all of us, not only ensure that the local markets (and professionals) have their place and audience, but to bring so many of us together to in a "fun" and enjoyable atmosphere, where networking and business development is considered a pleasure and less of an obligation. In short, he has kept many of us HAPPY (though I speak for myself) in our professions and careers even when the money, moral, and motivation have gone missing." Thank you Cesar, sincerely your friend and colleague, Gabriel Wintermute

 "All day I was at the U.S. Small Biz Conference in San Mateo. Outstanding speakers like Ann Evanston, Eric Lofholm, Caterina Rando, Katrina Sawa - JumpStart Your Marketing, CJ Hayden, Joshua Zerkel.  It was a great chance to connect with friends in person, face to face!  What a treat.  Fantastic networking.  Cesar Plata won the votes for Best Business Connector in the Bay Area.  Why am I not surprised?  Cesar, you are the Networking King of the Bay Area.  And he works his rear end off to make it happen." Ron Hori, Internet Reseller

"Cesar has consistently put those with business issues, ideas, ventures, etc. on the forefront of networking for the continued success of their livelihoods. In today's economy he has been steadfast and totally committed to helping others achieve their business goals." Danette Green, owner, Home Décor Accents

Thu, Oct 20, 2011, Business Mixer, East Bay - Oakland Aviation Museum
"You really know how to throw an event; thanks so much for having invited me. I really enjoyed myself and I'll most certainly be back. Until next time..." Best to you, Clint Adams, Author, The Seventh Ritual, a race for survival, http://bit.ly/tXa9m, www.ClintAdams.com

"I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you so much for a great event. I truly enjoyed learning about the Aviation Museum, getting a tour of the planes as well as getting to meet the Tuskegee Airmen. Wow, what a special evening and the entertainment was wonderful. I look forward to your next event and I wish you much continued success in all that you do."  All the best,  Gloria, Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals www.ancientstonesmineralmakeup.com

"Thanks Cesar, I was very impressed by this mixer, Verna Jones and I had so much fun.  We really enjoyed all the people we talked to and got some great business cards from many wonderful companies.  We also enjoyed the raffle and dancing. Hope to enjoy more of these mixers in the future!" Maggie Loriaux, Maggieswreaths

"Cesar, I greatly enjoyed your mixer and found a new place and exciting people helpful in navigating my way to new personal and business connections. That said, I hope I'll be able to enjoy a long and profitable relationship with yourself and some of the other people I met at your event. Thank you again for being such a gracious and wonderful host and for providing a medium to be able to meet and exchange business ideas and concepts." Joe Pizzini, consultant

Thu, Sep 29, 2011, Silicon Valley Business Expo, San Jose Airport Garden Hotel
"Thank you for such a lovely event; I met and made new friends and saw old ones…what a treat!  You are a genius at networking. Thank you, again." 
Jim Bottini, Tree of Life Ventures, Sales & Marketing LLC

 "Cesar, your business expo was another great business building networking event. I met some good contacts in a professional atmosphere.  Keep up the great work!" Mike Aguilera, Communication Expert, MNLP, Speaker/Author/Coach www.MikeAguilera.com, bizDirectory Listing
“With his personal touch Cesar creates a networking environment like no other. I have found his events to be amazingly effective.”B Ted LaneOwner at Patternology International, on Aug 2, 2011
“Cesar is a Jedi Master when it comes to networking. Attend the next EveryCircle.com Event and see for yourself.” Oscar Sanchez on Jul 28, 2011
“Cesar is an awesome organizer and a great leader. " Neli Rosales on Jul 20, 2011
“Cesar is one of the smartest people I know. Serious brain power!” Nancy Terrazas-Dube on Jul 19, 2011

“I had the pleasure of attending a professional business event. It was a relief to see an event with a purpose and business savvy crowd. ” Kenneth Fax on Jun 19, 2011

“Networking Magician! He's been at this a long time and Cesar knows his stuff. Hope to run into him again soon. ” Gina Cunningham on Jun 8, 2011

“Cesar organizes the Bay Area's premier business networking events and he's great guy with a big heart." Bill Clearlake on Jun 8, 2011

"Cesar's business is your business and he takes that to heart. The Everycircle mixers have given me an opportunity to branch out and meet new people and Cesar made the whole process really easy and convenient to utilize. He is an outstanding businessman and great at connecting people." Cynthia Benson , Insurance Account Representative at State Farm, February 24, 2011 LinkedIn

Thu, Jun 16, 2011, Business Expo, Rally Your Business, Rally Your Profits, Rally for Charity, Club AutoSport, San Jose
" Thank you Cesar for a great Business Expo event at Club AutoSport.  It seems counterintuitive that such a fun & exciting event could produce so many quality professional contacts, but indeed, that's just what it did.  Count me in for all your future mixers!' - Keith Warner, Pacific Business Centers, www.pbcoffices.com

"Cesar Plata (Founder, everyCircle.com) could easily be one of the top 50 connected people on Linkedin. He is an awesome networker. Every where I go, Cesar is there! He must easily know a couple of thousand people on here if not more. You certainly want to have him in your corner if you are in the business community. Someone you should know and who should know you." - John D. Waller, www.mobileconnectivity.com

Thu, Feb 17, 2011, Silicon Valley POWER Business Networking Mixer - Corinthian Grand Ballroom, San Jose Athletic Club
frank sinatra john demerspresident barack obama''I have a little story to tell. The last mixer I met Michael Bryant aka 'Barackalike', the Obama impersonator . He told me about the annual celebrity impersonator convention in Las Vegas, the largest impersonator showcase in the USA! I showcased there at the Gold Nugget on Tue, Feb 22. I won one of the prizes and only 3 singers got to sing at the opening of  a long-running show called the 'Country Western Tribute Show', which has been running for the last 4 years, 6 nights a week. Well, on the Thurs eve I opened up for that show. It has never happened that a first timer person or anyone has been invited by a producer of a Las Vegas show to open. So I made history. You can verify the story if you google 'john demers as frank sinatra las vegas'. There  is a national story about me in the examiner.com with my live act opening the show. So this is how networking can work. If I did not go to the everyCircle.com event and met Michael I would not have gone. And I'm getting calls from producers in Las Vegas too. See how networking can work! Sincerelely, John DeMers as Frank Sinatra

usps"My staff said that the Feb 17th event was much better and more successful overall based on location, attendance, quality of leads and of course the entertainment and food was A+. Thanks again for having us and we look forward to more partnerships and working together." - Irene Catral, Manager, Shipping & Mailing Solutions, Bay Valley District, USPS

Wed, Jan 19, 2011, New Year Grand Launch Business Networking Mixer - Medallion Steakhouse, Burlingame
I found the recent mixer to be a great resource as a workforce development professional, entrepreneur and community volunteer. The wide range of business/community/public sector attendees made this event both powerful and effective. I commend joint effort of the hosts EveryCircle.com, The San Mateo Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the San Mateo Chamber of Commerce on an outstanding event. I will definitely attend future events." - Keith A. Young, Business Services Representative, PeninsulaWorks Daly City

infoBayArea.com (Launched 2004)

Thu, Jan. 17, 2008 Business Networking Mixer, Fashion... VAULT, San Jose
First I want to thank you Cesar - Everyone was very animated and interested in what we were doing. Doreen did 24 chair massages! Wow, she was on a roll! I have pretty much lost my voice from talking so much. Believe me, I am not complaining. I had fun and met a lot of people. The atmosphere was very energetic.
Robin Grant - Certified Biofeedback Technician, Certified NLP Master Results Coach & Trainer, EFT & Touch for Health Practitioner
San Jose, CA   www.robin-grant.com

I just wanted to say, "thank you" for the event last night. It was definitely one of the more fun networking events I’ve been to around here. It was my first InfoBayArea.com event, and I’ll definitely be back. And next time, I’ll bring friends.
Anita J. Patel, CFA, Financial Advisor, Financial Network Investment Corporation (an ING Company), member SIPC

Thu, Mar 1 2007, The Silicon Valley Business Mixer
RSVP Event Center, Sunnyvale     Event Details     Photo Albums
THANK YOU! 500+ professionals & business owners attended our event! People made numerous connections, ate, and had fun too! We appreciate your referrals and look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events. - Cesar Plata, infoBayArea.com

gosmallbizOur Company experienced the visibility and market reach we're servicing. Few Silicon Valley business networking events provide the atmosphere for presenting your business in an entertainment forum. Attendees were actively engaged in the business offerings and the networking facilitated as a result of the ambiance created. Cesar, you have accomplished a rarity for a networking event. I recommend your events to folks all over Silicon Valley and look forward to the next. Kevin L. Keithley, GoSmallBiz.com/PrePaid Legal Services, Inc.

oh sing praises confectionsThis event was an example of Cesar doing what he does best, bringing people together.  I as a vendor am always pleased to participate in Infobayarea.com events because they are conducive to connecting people, creative ideas and entrepreneurship; but you have to be there to reap the benefits! Judah Bell, Oh Sing Praises Confections

workitThe Silicon Valley Business Expo was a great way to meet members of the business community in the Bay Area. A great networking event - and fun, too!  Derinda Gaumond, Founder www.workit.com

patternologyThank you for an exceptional time at the March 1st mixer. I have never enjoyed going to mixers but last Thurdays' mixer was a blast! The atmos


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