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Money for your business referrals

Business Proposal for Media, Organizations & Businesses

We offer you a Win-Win-Win proposition...

We will PAY YOU for your participation and referrals! Are you interested in growing your business and/or membership, and increasing revenues and visibility?
Quite simply, we will only benefit by working together and LEVERAGING each others' expertise and resources.

  • Refer potential clients (advertisers, exhibitors, sponsors) to us and when we receive payment, we will immediately PAY YOU a 20% referral fee!!

Some things to consider...

  • Best business is personal business and a little courtesy goes a LONG way!
  • The best thing you can do for your clients is introduce them to other clients.
  • The key to Prosperity and our combined Success is COLLABORATION & LEVERAGING. Please DO NOT reinvent the wheel!
• Good enough isn't! If you are going to do something, do it right or don't do it all all.   We are experts at organizing business networking expos and mixers, and we do this VERY well!


An Offer You Can't Refuse!
Do the Math: How much time, effort, resources, and money will it cost you to organize your company event (holiday party, launch, grand opening, etc)? Consider the costs of location rental, tables, linens, caterers, insurance, live entertainment, staffing, marketing, time and money lost to organize the event... And then you only invite your existing clients and employees! How much did you earn?? Your ROI (Return On Investment) is negative! To save time and money you might be better off organizing a potluck in your backyard OR you could collaborate with us...

Create alliances, leverage your business, generate revenues, and connect with hundreds of executives, decision-makers, professionals and business owners (B2B and B2C, your NEXTclients) at our events. The 'ambiance and vibe' at our business networking mixers is unique, upscale, approachable, professional and fun, with a twist of friendly hospitality...

SPONSOR A BUSINESS NETWORKING MIXER and only your company will be featured! For a FRACTION of what you would normally pay to organize your own event, we will provide you with the following:

  • We already have access to awesome Bay Area locations, caterers, live entertainment, and staffing.
  • We will promote and organize all aspects of the business networking mixer:
  Location Rental, Caterers, Spirits & Beverage Tasting, Live Music & Entertainment, Tables, Linens, Insurance, Staffing...
  • No other exhibitors, except the caterers and entertainment, are allowed to participate
  • We will introduce your company (a brief speech) to the crowd at the mixer
  • Your company featured as the mixer sponsor on our weekly e-newsletter (Current distribution is 16,500+, Value: Priceless)
  • Your company featured as the mixer sponsor on 2000+ flyers distributed monthly at numerous events (Value: Priceless)
  • A copy of all the business cards collected at 'your' mixer (Value: Priceless)
  • Online advertising in various sections: Calendar, Business Directory, Discounts/Offers, Careers (Value: $600+)
  • An exhibitor table at another infoBayArea.com business networking mixer (Value: $375+)
• Sponsorship rates vary depending on location and availability $2500 - $5500.


EARN MONEY as the Sponsor of our Business Networking Mixer:
• Best business is personal business... The best thing you can do for your clients is introduce them to their potential clients!
• Our events are 'your' events...You simply help promote 'your' event to your clients and friends, and infoBayArea.com will strictly be the 'event planner' in their eyes! Send an email to others, and give your company top billing as: Your company and infoBayArea.com cordially invite you...
• Invite your favorite clients to collaborate and participate in 'your' business networking mixer. Convince them to share the costs of the sponsorship.

  • All the participants will get the above offerings (online advertising, tables at the event, business cards, etc)
• We will deal strictly with you (our client). You pay us the sponsorship fee, and you keep the remainder: Example: You convince 5 of your clients to share and pay you $1000 each. You pay us our $4000 fee and you keep $1000!
• Also, we will immediately pay you a 20% fee for any business generated from your referrals - A Win-Win-Win Proposition!

Learn more about our mixers
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View available dates & locations of infoBayArea.com business networking mixers Contact us to discuss details
Advertising, Exhibitor & Sponsorship Opportunities


Some event statistics:

  • 100-800+ attendance, 30-60+% newcomers, our e-newsletter distribution list is 16,500+ (Rev 9/02/10)
• We have over 10 years experience hosting succesful business networking expos and mixers at major locations throughout the Bay Area such as restaurants, museums and luxury hotels!
• Read more:   Networking 101 - Networking Tips, Organizing Succesful Business / Networking Events, and How infoBayArea business networking expos and mixers are so different...
  • infoBayArea.com is in a serious growth mode. Very soon we will launch our new Web2.0 website everyCircle.com. We will also plan to host bigger and better events throughout 2009 and beyond. We look forward to establishing long-term relationships with our guests and clients. We look forward to seeing you, your friends and colleagues at our upcoming events. All of us will benefit.


Contact Us
Please contact us to discuss details and answer any questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.
• Cesar Plata, Founder infoBayArea.com, 408 352-5932, 239-9006 cell, cplata@infobayarea.com


Think about it... Many Businesses. Media, and Organizations:

  • Usually draw the same crowd (80-95%) every month at their events.
  • Spend much money to pay for locations, caterers, music, entertainment, media advertising, etc.
• Staff or volunteers spend much time organizing the events. Such time could sometimes be better utilized dealing with clients, working, etc. Time = money! • Not all staff or volunteers have the years of experience, knowledge, or contacts to organize successful, effective, and profitable event(s).
• Account executives usually go out of their way to help their clients improve their marketing and business practices. Note - many small business clients do not know how to network.
  • Spend much money to sponsor events.
  • Various media charges subsantial advertising rates compared to infoBayArea.com rates. infoBayArea.com:
• Hosts monthly business/networking mixers in friendly, fun, upscale, business-casual environments, at major locations throughout the Bay Area such as fine restaurants, hotels, and museums.
  • Since 1998, our weekly newsletter distribution list has grown to over 16,000 (Rev 7/19/10).
• We are very particular who we reach out to. Our target audience is very diverse, only business owners and professionals. We bring together many entrepreneurs, mid-size companies, and major corporations. We often have 30-60+% newcomers at each of our events! Our audience is professional, very polite, good-looking, and lively.
• Our regular monthly networking mixers usually draw 100-300+ business owners and professionals. Our larger, Silicon Valley business expos draw 300-800+.
  • Note - we never pay for catering, live music and entertainment. We also pay little to nothing to rent locations.
• How do we do it? We are very well-connected, and we offer Bay Area establishments incredible opportunities to get lots of marketing and visibility (online, flyers, newsapers, magazines, TV, Radio, etc. ), and also earn revenues during the event, which we usually host on Thursdays (often slow evenings for these locations).
• We are not an overnight success. Since 1998, we have slowly but surely grown our weekly newsletter distribution list. We network a lot by attending numerous events, and distributing our flyers. What we feel we are very blessed with - hundreds, possibly thousands, of people, appreciate our services and tell others about our website and events. You can never pay anyone enough for word-of-mouth advertising! Our website has gone through several facelifts (expect web 2.0 soon) which have increased the traffic tremendously: 700+ visitors/day, top 3-10 ranking for many key words on major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo.
• We give it that 'personal touch' We greet people with 'Latino / Southern Hospitality'. People want to be treated like they would treat others. They want to feel welcomed and leave an event knowing that it was worth their time and investment. We are truly grateful for their consideration and always look forward to seeing them at our upcoming events AND advertising on our website!
• We have organized hundreds of events - infoBayArea.com monthly business/networking mixers, dinner socials, and the very well-attended Silicon Valley Business Expos.
• We have incredible plans for growth. Stay tuned for more!

  everyCircle.com launches beta
Offering a variety of new features and functions, it'll fully replace infoBayArea.com very soon. Please Please let us know what you think

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