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Cesar Plata
Founder everyCircle.com, infoBayArea.com, muybueno.net
Entrepreneur / Product Marketing Engineer / Mechanical Engineer
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Univ. of California, Davis, 03/93  |  Resume

Cesar Plata founded www.muybueno.net in September 1998 in Silicon Valley. This website aimed to inform and unite the Bay Area Latino professional community by promoting Business, Community, Culture, and Education.

Renamed as infoBayArea.com.net in 2004,
the website served as a directory of Bay Area jobs, events and community and career resources. Cesar grew the business by distributing a weekly e-newsletter to thousands of executives, decision-makers, professionals, business owners, corporate and community leaders, and college students. He also hosted numerous monthly Business Networking Expos and Mixers throughout the Bay Area which offered opportunities to network in very unique, upscale, approachable, hospitable, and professional environments.

 In January 2011, Cesar and his business partner Roman Zhovtulya launched everyCircle.com - Connecting Circles of Influence. This is next-generation portal designed for executives, decision-makers, professionals, business owners, and community leaders to network, earn revenues, and share information and resources. It provides a wide array of events, customizable applications, databases, features, and services:
- B2B Service Providers, Professional Profiles, Business Directory, Calendar of Events, Virtual Store, Job Listings, Discounts / Offers, Forums, Volunteer Opportunities, Business Networking Expos and Mixers,  Mastermind Groups, Seminars and Workshops
- An online platform for professional organizations to create their own custom online communities
- Advertising and Event Sponsorship Opportunities, and much more...

cesar plata
Through his efforts, Cesar promotes community awareness and involvement to professionals and community leaders throughout the Bay Area. Cesar has been featured in 3 books so far and believes strongly in the following statement: One major key to success is: Not what you know, or who you know, but who knows YOU! Make a name for yourself - do what is right, and let your reputation and your efforts precede you.

Prior to this venture, Cesar held technical marketing engineering and manufacturing roles at various Silicon Valley semiconductor equipment companies. Cesar holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Davis.

Cesar Plata has been featured in 3 books:

- Top 10 Traits of Silicon Valley Dynamos w/chapter about muybueno.net, Author Joan Clout-Kruse, www.cloutpower.com

- Perfil de los Nuestros w/chapter about Cesar Plata and muybueno.net
Author Guadalupe Bellavance, 408 674-8102,
Journalist & Correspondant / EFE News Services

- Preview of book chapter, written by Cesar Plata, 03/21/05
Author Frank Carbajal, 408 406-9672 c, www.estiempo.com

Cesar Plata is available to make presentations on the following topics:
Engineering, Latino Leadership, Entrepreneurship and the Internet
Si Se Puede

Scholarships: Students - $BIliions available for Scholarships!

Preview of a chapter written by Cesar

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