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About Us

Welcome! Provide More Value for Your Business...

Connecting Circles of Influence

• Collaborate with Peers
• Meet Clients
• Build Your Reputation 

• Leverage Your Business
• Create Alliances
• Generate Revenues...

Established in 1998, formerly infoBayArea.com, muyBueno.net

CONNECTThe Best Business is Personal Business
• A portal designed for executives, decision-makers, professionals, business owners, and
   community leaders to network, earn revenues, and share information and resources
• Wide array of events, customizable applications, databases, features, and services:
   - B2B Service Providers, Professional Profiles, Business Directory, Calendar of Events,
   - Virtual Store, Job Listings, Discounts / Offers, Forums, Volunteer Opportunities,
   - Business Networking Expos and Mixers, Mastermind Groups, Seminars and Workshops
   - Advertising and Event Sponsorship Opportunities, and much more...
• Online platform for professional organizations to create their own custom online communities:
   - Provide More Value for Your Clients and Members
   - Expand Your Network and Grow Your Membership
   - Grow Brand Awareness, Earn Revenues, and Save Money Too!


According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, 'The whole is more than the sum of its parts'
Our logo is composed of five separate, unique, incomplete rings, which together create a sphere.
We Connect Circles of Influence and provide the tools and resources for individuals and organizations to collaborate, grow, and network - imagine the possibilities!

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