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Networking - The State of the Industry, 2006
By Adam J. Kovitz, CEO, Editor-in-Chief & King of Business NetWorking          Reprinted with Permission from The National NetWorker

national networkerEverywhere you look, more professionals, especially from the coaching, training, consulting and marketing professions are writing books, holding events and becoming authorities on NetWorking.  What I find, however, is most of it is the same, with the focus being on changing NetWorking behavior.

That’s all great...after all, part of my business has traditionally been based upon organizational behavior and personal development, but for some reason I’ve found myself getting bored with the amount of NetWorking stuff out there.  Please keep in mind that I am not minimizing the role of behavior in NetWorking, but if I have to sit through another article or speech on how to work a room, I will have to JUMP OFF OF A TALL BUILDING!!!


This question I ask myself quite a bit as I’ve come to the realization that NetWorking is also a SCIENCE and an INDUSTRY as well.  And since I have not yet found people who have done so, I am taking the liberty of reporting on the State of the Industry across the entire U.S. for the Year 2006 from my still somewhat limited vantage point in a Philadelphia suburb.  Therefore, from the great birthplace of the United States of America we are birthing a new Nation of NetWorking!!!


Because no one else is!!!  Yep...I am accepting full responsibility...go figure.

Therefore...[cue “Hail to the Chief”]...and please do not feel you need to clap out of obligation because everyone else is doing so during my address.

My fellow NetWorking Americans...it is my pleasure to report that 2006 will indeed, be a banner year for NetWorking all across the country.  We are seeing increasing numbers of professionals who have been tired of sitting by the phone waiting for their phones to ring, emerging from their hibernation and seeking out those with whom they might establish meaningful long-term business relations.

NetWorking is becoming one of the primary ways in which business across America gets done and in increasing numbers.  Never before has the business professional been exposed to so many NetWorking options, even in the most remote parts of our great nation.  Irregardless of color, race, religion, lifestyle, nationality, profession, political affiliation or interest, there is a NetWork for you either to come together in celebration of your diversity or to diversely celebrate what makes you unique.

And I am happy to report that across the country, increasing numbers of founders and leaders of NetWorking organizations, Chambers of Commerce and Associations are realizing that the key to member retention lies in furthering the noble cause of NetWorking.  After all, more effective NetWorking leads to more fulfilled members.  More fulfilled members make more money, stay in business longer and continue to drive our great economy...it is the American Way.

These organizations (again in increasing numbers) are realizing that championing the cause of NetWorking is to also champion better forms of NetWorking education.  And, my fellow NetWorking Americans, those NetWorking educators are rising to the occasion, offering more books, tapes, CDs, seminars focused not just on the tactics of NetWorking, but on the strategies of NetWorking.

And while we have come so far, there is so much more work to be done.  For as long as there are still small business owners who blindly join NetWorking organizations without truly knowing why they are doing so, there is more work to be done.

As long as NetWorking organizations lose members due to buyer’s remorse or failing to deliver on promised results, there is more work to be done.

As long as certain professionals view NetWorking organizations as a quick fix to building fast revenue, without the commitment to building solid business relationships there is still more work to be done.

As long as attendees of NetWorking functions continue to confuse NetWorking with Sales, there is still more work to be done.

As long as there are NetWorkers who continue to ignore the fundamental Law of NetWorking, “Give and Ye Shall Receive”, there is still more work to be done.

So my fellow NetWorking Americans, I am calling for NetWorking organizations, Chambers of Commerce and Associations to continue to find better ways to assist their members.  It is no longer enough to let them “figure it out for themselves”.  Continue to find better speakers, better educators and better programs to enrich the NetWorkability of your organizations.  No matter how good your retention rates are, refuse to accept the status quo.

I am calling for NetWorking professionals to realize that to be more effective, they must accept the responsibility of putting the “work” in NetWork.  Commit to the sharpening of you NetWorking “saws”.  Seek out and surround yourself with those NetWorkers that “get it”.  And never forget that it is in giving to help others succeed that you will be served.

I am calling for NetWorking authors, speakers and educators to continue to find better ways of getting the message across.  Find new avenues and continue to push the envelope of NetWorking.

I am calling upon those Social NetWork Architects to work with NetWorking educators to introduce the science of NetWorking to the U.S.

And lastly, I am calling for educational institutions to introduce NetWorking education at all levels as a basic and necessary skill.
It is with these things in mind, my fellow NetWorking Americans, that we will continue to make this great country of ours an example for the rest of the world...let’s start today to NetWork for a better tomorrow.
Your Number 1 NetWorking Resource! The National NetWorker is a free, monthly, online publication that celebrates the life and times of professional NetWorkers across the U.S. as well as the many organizations that support them.  If you NetWork for a living and need a straight, no-hype, no-nonsense, yet positive approach to the world of NetWorking, this is the resource for you!
Adam J. Kovitz
CEO, Editor-in-Chief & King of Business NetWorking
Kovitz Enterprises, LLC
Adam J. Kovitz International/The National NetWorker
18 Rockwood Rd, Levittown, PA 19056

215 945-3411  

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