$$Billions available for college scholarships!
Students - Earn $$ while still in school!

Business plan written by Cesar Plata, Founder www.everyCircle.com
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college scholarship, grant, financial aid, college Every year we hear about high school students who raise enormous amounts of money to defray their college costs.
In 1995, a high school student obtained $368,936 in college scholarships, years before the Internet became widely available!
All students have access to the Internet today. Imagine how much more you could earn today!
• DO NOT Work Hard - Learn to WORK SMART!

Following is an outline of a presentation I have shared with 1000's of students since 1995. Please take the time to help yourself to the incredible amount of resources and financial aid available to students. Read below to learn where students (grades 9-12) can obtain information about scholarships, and earn tens of thousands of dollars part-time very easily!

According to a 1995 report...
• There is over $27 BILLION available in scholarships, grants and financial aid throughout the US!! By today, this figure has to be well over $30 BILLION!!
• Over $7 BILLION goes unclaimed every year! Imagine receiving just a small percentage of this amount to pay for your college tuition & costs! (0.00001% of $7 Billion is still a lot of $$!)

Did you know?
There are over 1 MILLION different scholarships available to students throughout the US! Today, this number is much larger!
• Students have so much access to information!
- There are over a dozen major universities in the Bay Area - each has a scholarship office!
- There are books that are several inches thick packed with scholarship information, at your local public library!
- Use the INTERNET!! Use keywords: scholarships, education, financial aid, etc. Find out how much money is available for you!

• Scholarship Business Plan for High School Students (9th -12 grades)
Following is a plan for high school students to earn tens of thousands of dollars before they even begin to apply for colleges! You could share the work with your friends and share the costs. Invest a few dollars for stamps and envelopes.
- Go to universities' scholarship offices and obtain scholarship application forms.
- Go to libraries and the internet and prepare a list of scholarship addresses.
- Also apply online to numerous scholarship databases.
- Send the following letter in a self-addressed envelope to the scholarship foundations: " To whom it may concern: I qualify for your scholarship/grant. Please send me an application in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope."
- Send hundreds of these letters every month. Collect the application forms.
- Once you have received about 100 scholarship application forms, put them in a booklet.
- Make copies of the application forms booklet. Most scholarship foundations will accept copies of their application forms.
- Let's do some simple math: Assume it costs you about $5 per booklet to print. How much would High School seniors pay you for your booklet (it would save them so much time and effort to do all the research that you just did!). Let's say seniors will pay you $30 per booklet. You just made a $25 profit! Now multiply this by 25% of the seniors in your school and then multiply this by seniors in other high schools who would be interested in purchasing your booklet!
- Do you think you could make a few thousand dollars during your free time doing this?

• Scholarship Business Plan for High School Seniors and College Students
Remember, there are over 1 MILLION different scholarshps out there! There are scholarships for all types of students! It's a numbers game - apply as much as possible and chances are you will win some scholarships! If you followed the previous plan, by your senior year, you will have compiled 100's of scholarship application forms. Let's do some simple math:
- For our calculations, assume a typical scholarship award is $1000.
- It will take you approximately 40 minutes to do the research per application form. It will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete the applications (during commercials, between your favorite TV shows). Total time is 1 hour per applcation form. Many application forms may ask you for an essay - use the same essay for the different scholarships!
- Send 100 completed scholarship application forms per month - You just invested approximately 100 hours of time.
- On a BAD month, assume you get turned down 95% of these 100 scholarships. You still won 5% OR 5 scholarships = $5000!!
- How much money did you earn per hour? $5000/100 hrs = $50/hour!!!
- On a BETTER month, assume you get turned down 80% of these 100 scholarships. You still won 20% OR 20 scholarships = $20,000!! How much money did you earn per hour? $20,000/100 hrs = $200/hour!!!
Now you are earning the same amount as doctors and lawyers, while you are still in school!!! This concept is too simple. It takes some work and determination, and especially a desire to help yourself.

You  have just been exposed to a multi-million dollar idea. Now it is up to you to follow through. Please do not let a good opportunity slip by. Please call me if you have any questions. Please keep in touch with me regarding your progress with your scholarship search. I wish you the best with your college education.