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Silicon Valley POWER Business Networking Mixer
san jose athletic clubThu. October 21, 2010, 6-9pm
San Jose

Corinthian Grand Ballroom, San Jose Athletic Club
196 N. Third / St. James Sts
San Jose, CA 95112

Meet your NEXT clients here! Create Alliances, Leverage Your Business, Generate Revenues, Connect with 100s of Executives and Decision-Makers (B2B & B2C) in a very unique, upscale, approachable, professional, and fun environment, with a twist of friendly hospitality...

Also enjoy power networking, gourmet appetizers, live music & entertainment, a mixed martial arts demonstration, and win prizes too!

Best business is personal business...
Circle.com (formerly info
BayArea.com) events are unique
Experience the difference!

Invite Others!  Sponsored by Wells Fargo

$10/Advance OR $15/Door:
1 person per RSVP, before 6pm, October 20. Must bring your receipt. Your name will be on the list at the door.

NO COST to Attend w/RSVP:
1 person per RSVP, before 6pm, October 12. Must bring your receipt. Your name will be on the list at the door.

Exhibitor Opportunities Available - contact us today!

Info: Cesar Plata, 408 352-5932

Get some exposure for your business - bring a prize for the drawing!

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   Connecting Circles of Influence

wells fargo

Beverages, Caterers, Chocolate

2meartaction coach juliette donohueballuun.com
iflysfbaymiguel olivo cpaworkit.com

Live Music & Entertainment

frank sinatra impersonator
Frank Sinatra - Celebrity Impersonator - Hang out with a 'Cat' from the 'Rat Pack. John Demers singing the ballads and standards made popular by 'Ole Blue Eyes' Read more....
ray charles impersonator
Ray Charles - Celebrity Impersonator - Tribute singer for Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole. Read more....

exhibitor sponsorship opportunities Exhibitor & Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Discounts for advertising & participating in multiple events!
  • Sponsor a mixer and only your company will be featured!
    Contact us today! Cesar Plata 408 352-5932, 239-9006 cell

 We PAY YOU for your Business Referrals!
  • Our events are YOUR events! Receive 20% for biz referrals!
  • LEVERAGE our efforts & resources.
Save time and money!

networking Business Networking 101 - Tips & more...
  • Key to success is NOT what you know or who you know,
it's WHO knows You!
  • Networking is not an event, it is a process in which you
    never know which contact will take you to your goal...

How to Organize Effective & Successful Events
Since 1998 we have organized 100s of business networking events:
  150-800+ attendance at upscale locations - Museums, Hotels, Expo Centers...
  Our mixers are for and about YOU! - NO membership, NO long speeches...
  We draw 30-60+% newcomers ALWAYS - NOT same crowd, different day...
  Our events are FUN - NO cliques, and standing alone is not allowed!
Our crowds are VERY professional, friendly, and approachable too!

Best business is personal business...
Networking is not an event, it is a process in which you never know which contact will take you to your goal.

• Have your corporate event, organization reunion or office party with us - meet potential clients, have fun, and save time, efforts, and money!

• Corporations, Business Owners, Organizations, Caterers & Entertainers - contact us to discuss your participation! Sponsorships available.

Exhibitors & entertainment subject to change

About Executive San Jose Athletic Club
san jose athletic clubThe Athletic Facility is a Historic Treasure - The magnificent Greco - Roman-style historical landmark building known as "San Jose Athletic Club" has a colorful history, and was almost demolished to make way for "progress" in the late 1970's. Saved by some bold and Forward-thinking local leadership, it has survived as one of San Jose's truly great monuments. Tours will be available during the event.

san jose athletic club corinthian roomBuilt by the Freemasons in 1927 as San Jose's Masonic lodge, it was a masterpiece of design and a centerpiece of the then -Tony St. James Park neighborhood. Along with the old downtown post office, the later-demolished gothic city hall, the historic courthouse trinity Episcopal Church, and other historic structures that predated it, it was a major attraction for our out-of- town visitors, writers and photographers describing the best attributes of San Jose. By 1977, having been damaged by several earthquakes and needing deferred repairs, it was focused by the city to close until repairs could be effected. When the masons obtained cost estimates, they found the huge repair costs prohibitive ( about $ 500,000 - imagine that! ) A decision was made to build a new temple in a different location, and to sell the existing one to be demolished and replaced by a modern office building.

corinthian roomFortunately , some alert members of the San Jose chamber of commerce were able to quickly lobby the city and federal governments to designate the building as a historic landmark, thus preventing it’s demolition-at least until it could be proven that no beneficial be found for it. For the next three years, a chamber for committee studied various ideas from private and public developers and agencies. Finally, in 1980, the owners of the venerable Oakland Athletic Club, a family-owned enterprise with a great history over two generations, proposed to convert the building to a first rate athletic club and social facility, retraining it’s historic façade and the traditional qualities of it’s remarkable interior – a challenging undertaking.

After two years of design and planning discussions, architectural plans and approvals, and extensive renovation and construction, the building was finally given a re-birth as the San Jose Athletic Club, which opened in November of 1981. Then considered the Premier Club of it’s type in all of silicon valley, it’s quickly attracted a premium membership of downtown business and professional people, and became the most popular venue for upscale social events and weddings in downtown San Jose. www.sjathleticclub.com
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