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Business/Networking Mixer, Art, Chocolate, Wine & Stars...  
Thu. Apr. 05, 6-9pm
Santa Clara

sonya paz fine artSonya Paz Fine Art
1793 Lafayette St, Suite 110, Santa Clara, CA 95050
(~200 yds north of El Camino Real, plenty of parking available) Directions

infoBayArea.com business/networking mixers are unique. Network and socialize with a large group of professionals & business owners in a friendly, fun, upscale, beautiful, business-casual environment. Enjoy fine art, gourmet appetizers, wine tasting, live entertainment, and win prizes too!

sonya paz fine artCost: $11/Advance, $15/door
Purchase Advance Tickets
(before 1pm Apr 5):

Hosted by infoBayArea.com
Connecting Professionals
Many Voices, One Community...
Cesar Plata, Founder, 408 272-4772

• Get some exposure for your business - donate a prize! Print a gift certificate. • Have your corporate event, organization reunion or office party with us - meet potential clients, have fun, and save time, effort, and money!
• Corporations, Business Owners, Organizations, Caterers & Entertainers - contact us to discuss your participation! Sponsorships available.

Best business is personal business... Networking is not an event, it is a process in which you never know which contact will take you to your goal.

Chocolate, Gourmet Caterers, Beverages & Wine Tasting!
MagnificentGifts.com - Wine wafers, wine chocolates, gourmet cookies...
Oh Sing Praises Confections - Caramel Apples, Nutty Butter Popcorn, Turtles...
• ¡Una Mas! Mexican Grill, Campbell

Skylar Haley - AchieveOne nutritional coffee beverage & essn - all natural premium sparkling fruit beverage
Cortiz` Cellars - La Fenice, Sheid, Hacienda de Santa Maria & Cortiz` Wines
• CrazyAboutWine.com - About all things we associate with the juice, which goes back in history as far as 5400-5000B.C.

magnificent giftsoh sing praises confectionsuna mas mexican grill

cortiz cellarscrazy about wine

Entertainment & Massage
adrian flores presents  Ballroom Dance Performance & Lessons
Adrian Flores Presents - a non-profit agency that advocates dance in education. Building Respect Through Dance™ is a privately-funded program; its aim is to connect agency coordinators and local dance instructors with Bay Area school districts to offer children and teens opportunities to experience the joy and personal benefits of social dance.
Sponsorships and advertising opportunities available.

get results therapyTherapeutic Massage - Take a break from all the networking & fun! Get Results Therapy will provide therapeutic chair massages. 
Hosted Sky Tour
scopes4rentGather around the telescopes throughout the evening - a unique opportunity to look through high-quality telescopes, marvel at the wonders of the Universe and get a laser-guided tour of the evening sky! Note - as centerpieces around which to build an scopes4rentinteresting observing session, both Saturn and Venus will be well-placed for evening viewing in the late winter and spring, with Jupiter joining the party in the summer! These planets and the Moon, which can be seen from all urban and suburban locations, show much more detail than any other objects in the heavens! In addition, many star clusters, galaxies and nebulae are visible throughout the year and will nicely round out any observing session. For daytime events, Solar viewing is also available and provides a great added entertainment value. Info: www.Scopes4Rent.com, LLC - Quality Astronomical Instrument Rentals

Travel, Earn $$$, and Have FUN - Very Simple!
infobayareatravel.bizGet VERY competitive rates on airfare, car rentals, golf, hotels, and all your travel plans!
- OWN YOUR OWN private-labeled online travel agency and benefit from travel industry perks - incredibly lucrative & simple (no exp. necessary). Attend a Travel Party to learn more... Details

sonya paz fine artsonya paz fine artArtist Sonya Paz is creating a new direction in the Pop Art Movement through her exuberant use of color and playful forms. Bold shapes and vibrant colors leap off her canvases, while her images explode in an energetic and wildy whimsical style. The beautiful gallery space is about 3500 sq. ft. Very Cool News - Her fashionable, fabulous, modern pop art watches will be packaged in the 2006 VIP Oscar Nominees VIP Giftbag for the Academy Awards! Click here for special discount.

sonya paz fine art
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